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Hallo und Willkommen!

I am Gabriele and I am a qualified teacher of German (CertEd and qualified Goethe Institute online Tutor). My mother tongue is German and I originally come from Bavaria (Germany). I first taught German in a North London Comprehensive School for 10 years and after working for some years in commerce I returned to teaching again. For the past 10 years I have taught German (and IT) in adult education and recently specialised in tutoring students for their German GCSE and ‘A’ levels.

I am committed to every student succeeding and getting the most out of each lesson. All my GCSE and ‘A’ level students have improved their exam grades by at least one grade (mostly to an A or A*) and I am fully conversant with the latest school syllabus (AQA and Edexcel exam board papers). I also publish my own learning support material, especially for A1 and ‘A’ level in TES. >> Testimonials 2016

My adult students come from all over the world and have different reasons for wanting to learn German: moving to Germany and starting a job there; communicating with German relatives and friends or just simply an interest in everything German. Although their needs are different, the outcome is the same: being able to speak is always number ONE and also writing which is especially important for those who use German at work.

Learning a new language is an exciting journey and over-zealousness when showcasing newly acquired speaking skills is this hazard is well worth facing: Vocab malfunction! It certainly can leave an unforgettable impression of you!
My own words when thanking a gracious host after enjoying a delicious English roast dinner: “Thank you very much for your hostility”. (Beware, this kind of vocabulary malfunction is not to be recommended in a business setting, they probably won’t see the funny side!)

My main endeavour is to make this journey as enjoyable and effective as possible. I also try to help build bridges in my Blog about informative and amusing German ‘stuff’.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen