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A Fairytale

Ich hab’ mich in dich verguckt!
(trans. The Look of Love is in your eyes …)

“The Princess and the Frog” – A German Fairy Tale
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IKEA or Bauhaus – what came first?

You like IKEA designs? But where have all those brilliantly practical ideas come from?

Possibly from ‘Bauhaus‘ (work house), the ingenious German School of Architecture, Art and Design, established 1919 in Weimar. Read more…

German Films – great viewing

A renaissance in German film has occurred, encouraged by a new genre of German filmmakers making quality movies Read more…

German Pop? Just brill !!!

Ich lernte Deutsch seit zwei Jahre und meine Lehrerin sagte ich soll Deutsche Musik hören zu. Ich kenne nur Rammstein, Peilomat, und Tokio Hotel. Gibt es andere gute Rockbands, die auf Deutsch singen?
P.S. Es tut mir leid für mein schlecht Deutsch. Bitte ausbessern Ihr die Fehler.”

(Engl: I have been learning German for 2 years and my teacher recommended I should listen to German music. I only know Rammstein, Peilomat and Tokio Hotel. Are there other good rock bands who sing in German?
PS: Sorry about my bad German. Please correct my mistakes)

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“Quo Vadis?” and the Accusative

“Where are you going to?”  –  This famous quote, what is it?

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