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Boost your Career – learn German

Good news for German speakers!

German tops the list for highest paid and most in demand languages in the UK in 2016.

If you want to advance your career prospects by learning a foreign language, knowing German will earn you a higher salary than French, Arabic or Spanish, according to the latest statistics. Out of over one million job postings German came first, based on an analysis by the job search engine Adzuna

Whether you want to work in law, marketing, tourism, media, accountancy, or sales, there are thousands jobs currently (September 2016) advertised. Many businesses operate globally, especially in science and research German is the most used language. Germany offers research fellowships to scientist from abroad.  

If you are a student and feel the fees in the UK are exorbitant, why not look at the top German universities. Studying in Germany is much more affordable than in the UK and many top universities lecture in English especially for Bachelor of Science or Master’s programmes, but “a basic knowledge of German must be proven”.

“Looking for a Job – speak German”

Fortschritt durch Fremdsprache”? Does speaking a foreign language put you at an advantage getting a job?

Definitely yes, it’s widening your choices, adding the extra string to your bow and putting you ahead of other candidates.

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Working in Germany

Open doors, new opportunities!

Out of the three German speaking countries plus Liechtenstein (not an EU country), it’s Germany who is actively encouraging qualified professionals to come to Germany. Germany also has a shortage of skilled workers and it also has a very low rate of unemployment rate (average 5% in 2014).

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