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German Courses for Adults
North London

Palmers Green – Enfield 

starting 1. October 2018

“I want to communicate with German speaking relatives, move to and/or work in a German speaking country, travel around in countries like Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland, love German culture and literature.”

Yes. Experience has proven that learning a language in a class is more fun and very effective since you learn much from each other, besides having a teacher for guidance, of course.

Please take a look at Courses and then decide which level is the most suitable – no worries if you have not covered each one objective. Gaps can be closed easily or you might feel the need for some ‘refreshment’. If you are still not sure, please call me so I can advise you.

Using a book in class is an excellent source of commonly shared material and suitable for home study. I use ‘Willkommen’ and ‘Berliner Platz’, extended by my own materials.

Note: The learning objectives in my courses are based on The Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CFRL) syllabus, which is important to know for those who wish to take exams.

Learning Methodology

The classes are based on the communicative approach:
– active students’ interaction
– emphasis on speaking and listening skills
– pair and group work
– role plays
– use of realia, pictures and authentic material
– use of audio-visual techniques when appropriate

Every lessons incorporates an element of grammar.
Please note, students are expected to participate in oral classroom activities and to do some homework as and when required.

Class size

Between 4 – 6 students