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Beginners Classes – Elementary Classes – Intermediate Classes

BEGINNERS (complete)

CLASSES  Daytime
Location:           Palmers Green 
Start Date:        Monday 24.4.2017 – Tuesday 25.4. 2017 – Wednesday 26.4.2017
Time:                  10.00 – 12.00
Duration:          10 weeks @ 1 class per week
Level:                 Beginners – Module A1
Fee:                     £160

Suitable for students who have no knowledge of German at all.

Providing students with a knowledge of basic German for everyday situations.
Based on ‘Willkommen’ Chapters 1-4 and my own support materials

Learning Objectives – Module A1

  • greeting others and introduce yourself
  • using numbers and the alphabet
  • giving personal information (address, age, etc.)
  • talking about nationalities and languages
  • identifying places in a town or city
  • giving information about professions and study
  • talking about family

Grammar: understanding basic grammatical ideas i.e. genders, verb endings, personal pronouns, plural of nouns

Note: After the first lesson it is recommended that you buy the book ‘Willkommen’ (Hodder Education Coursebook only: ISBN 978 1444 165159 from Amazon)

CLASSES – Evening

Location:           Palmers Green 
Start Date:        Monday, 3.4.2017
Time:                  19.30 – 21.30
Duration:          10 weeks @ 1 class per week
Level:                 Elementary – Module A2
Fee:                     £160

Suitable for beginners who have completed the equivalent learning objectives of ‘Willkommen’ Chapters 1-4 (see above)

Learning objectives – Module A1 Plus

  • shopping
  • daily routine
  • telling the time
  • booking hotel accommodation
  • asking the way
  • ordering food/drink
  • talking about hobbies

Grammar: Purals, the imperative, modal verbs, separable verbs, word order, preposition + accusative/dative


Location:           Palmers Green 
Start Date:        Thursday, 20.4.2017

Time:                  18.30 -20.30
Duration:          10 weeks @ 1 class per week
Level:                 Intermediate
Fee:                     £160

Suitable for students with 4+ years of German

The class focuses on dialogue/speaking. The topics are decided between the students and the teacher; all lessons are structured and supported with learning materials, language games, videos and grammar exercises. 

Grammar: Passive voice, conditional, main and sub-clauses/subjunctions, subjunctive, imperative, perfect tense.


Note: All learning objectives are negotiable!