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Fancy a Hike in Heaven?

An experience which can become addictive.

Hiking or rambling is a definitively Teutonic passion and to awaken your passion for it, take these steps towards this heavenly experience:

1.  Sing 


2. Shop
Then shop ‘till you drop and get the gear: Leather breeches for men and a dress with a wide skirt, bodice and an apron for ladies. In German they are called “Lederbundhosen” and “Dirndl”.  

3.  Select
Then select your place in Heaven – perhaps the most beautiful village in Southtyrol? Or a typical hut in the mountains? – click on image


4.  Hike

With your suitcase packed, this kind of destination awaits you: ‘Südtirol‘, located between Insbruck and Trient (Italy), German-Austrian speaking, picturesque villages with a distinctively Italian flavour and scenery dominated by the Dolomites (UNESCO world inheritage) and a climate with 300 days of sunshine per year! And if you don’t fancy going on your own, you can do this in company.

You are lying in a summer meadow amidst wild flowers, basking in glorious sunshine, chewing on a ‘Grasshalm’, looking up into a perfectly blue sky and at snow-capped mountains, bees humming, listening to cowbells ringing and eating a picnic of home-made bread, cheese, ‘roher Schinken’ (smoked ham), with local wine or an ‘Almdudler’ (herb flavoured lemonade).

Ready for a long hike now? Choose from one of many clearly marked routes which tell you exactly for which ability any one of the trails is suitable.


If this isn’t heaven, then what is?
Yodeley, yodeley, yodeleyeeeeeeee…..

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