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German Films – great viewing

A renaissance in German film has occurred, encouraged by a new genre of German filmmakers making quality movies


About Happiness

Bliss – “Glück”

Recommendation: can be watched a second time, a third time, … and especially when you need a pick up because your heart’s been broken or you’ve given up on love. It’s sad and happy.

Berlin, again the stage for a modern story of today’s life on the down side, a refugee and a homeless punk find the essence of happiness. Touching and bitter, tender and hopeful, pragmatic and funny, a love that prevails. Wonderful Alba Rohrwacher (Irina) and Vinzenz Kiefer (Kalle). More Doris Dörrle films

DVD Glück


KokowähAbout Food and Fun

Kokowääh – “Coq au Vin”

Recommendation: When you need a pick-me-up, tips on how not to act as a father and French pronunciation.

A pizza with ‘Spiegelei’, that’s what she ordered but oh no, disaster all the way! Really funny and light hearted. The “cuckoo’s egg” girl is a must watch performer and happens to be the real life daughter of the main character, the very handsome Till Schweiger (Henry).




Das Leben der AnderenAbout East German History

The Lives of Others – “Das Leben der Anderen”

Recommendation: When you are being manipulated by the government.
It won an Oscar – a thriller and a drama, played brilliantly in a city of world importance and division, Berlin. Secret police, deceit, love and lust, state doctrine versus human values, …
For Ulrich Mühe, who played the undercover agent for the Stasi (Secret State Police), was himself under surveillance by the Stasi. He discovered that his wife Jenny Gröllmann was registered as an informant during their marriage. Best Foreign Film Oscar for 2006 in Hollywood and Ulrich died shortly after picking up the award.

DVD The Life of Others


Unsere VäterAbout The German War

Generation War – “Unsere Väter, unsere Mütter”

Recommendation: Insightful when you study history between 1939 – 1945.
World War II is happening and a handful of friends, German and Jewish, are toasting to their future, not having an inkling of the nightmares ahead for each one of them. By the time the War is over, they have all changed profoundly, utterly afflicted by a merciless killing machine and uncompromising choices. What was Germany like, then? And during? After annihilation? “There was no Hour Zero but we had a chance to start again”, Richard von Weizäcker

DVD Generation War

the EdukatorsAbout Revolution

The Edukators – “Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei”

Recommendation: Do away with preconceived ideas about burglars

Full of brilliant quotes, thrills, romance, social justice, revolution and a humongous debt of EUR100.000
“The problem is that I can’t see anything, anywhere, in which I can believe in”, “We don’t steal, we just enter houses and change the furniture around”, “We won’t harm you, you can trust us”.
These young people are role models, of a different kind, of course.

DVD The Edukators


German students:

this is a perfect way to improve your listening skills.

German film fans:

a good way to get started, then try some of the best German film directors:  Oliver HirschbiegelWim WendersVolker SchlöndorffRainer Werner FassbinderMargarethe von Trotta

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