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Sausages and the Art of Presentation

German Sausages – a mouthwatering Choice

Germans love sausages, especially popular is a large selection of different types of sausages presented in sliced cuts called “Aufschnitt“: Blutwurst (blood sausage), Gelbwurst (yellow-skinned sausage), Leberkäse (meatloaf), Bierschinken (ham), Paprikawurst (paprika sausage), Salami, Mortadella, ….

available in portions of usually about 150-200 gramms, lovingly and expertly presented  by the staff at the local butcher’s shop or the deli counter at the supermarket.

There is even a German dog called ‘Sausage Dog’ (Dackel). They are also well known for the particularly soulful expression in their eyes, the “Dackelblick” (no, that’s not because they worry about their fate! They are not turned into sausages, they just look like one.)
So ex-pat, living in London, goes to the local supermarket deli counter: “150 gramms of sliced salami, THIN slices, please!“, acknowledged by this “must I do all this slicing” look, yet executed as requested. Thin slice by thin slice, caught dexterously one on top of the other, the fluffy pile grows, only to be flattened yet again to allow insertion into a brown paper bag. A firm pat of the hand on top of the bag to stick the price label down, squashes the deal.


 tn_thin_slice 300x225
solidified lump of salami from the local deli
selection of separation tools (the tool that actually did the job was a pair of eye-brow pincers (eeeek)
sample of (sc)airily thin thin slices

The final product:

Salami Brot

Salami Brot

That’s why the Art of Presentation matters.

Guten Appetit!


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